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Welcome to your forms page, where you'll find the forms you need during your pension journey. Completed forms can be sent to us via Secure Messages or by mail or fax.

Retirement and Retirement Preparation

The forms you need to get started on your retirement journey, including applying for a disability pension, can be found in the dropdown below:

Transfers and Buying Service

If you're transferring your pension entitlement into LAPP or out of LAPP to another pension plan, buying prior service, or transferring your LAPP benefit to a LIRA or RRSP, the forms you need are in the dropdown below:

People in Your Life 

If you would like to change your beneficiaries, update your pension partner information, or find forms related to the People in Your Life, open the dropdown below:

Card titled Your Life With LAPP

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Discover information and tools to help you understand and manage your LAPP pension through every step of your career.


Card titled Your Pension is Secure

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Learn how the LAPP pension fund is professionally managed to provide you with a secure retirement income.


Card Titled Your Plan has Value

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Gain valuable information on how your pension will help support you in retirement.